Posted: 12/27/17 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

We know its been awhile since the release of our last issue Assault on Pelican Grove, but we want to let you know we are working very hard on our 4th issue entitled Super Dragon Battle War Fighters 3000 which is set to be our biggest issue yet! Be ready for that in early 2018!

In the meantime we wanted to begin a new endeavour by introducing a new weekly comic strip that we call Pocket Quests about our heroes Sampop and Gavsby as they take on adventures not seen in the official series. So be sure to visit every Tuesday for the latest developments on our new Sampop & Gavsby comic strip The Mark of Power!

- Sam

Posted: 11/01/17 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Things have began to bustle at the Sampop & Gavsby Studios. With the end of the year nearing, we're pushing ourselves to meet the deadline of having Issue 4 out in December. For a number of reasons, I feel this issue will be different, but in a good way. It's called Super Dragon Battle War Fighters 3000 and revolves around the titular virtual reality game developed by Roy. Sampop and Gavsby dive headfirst into the game and traverse across a fantasy medieval landscape filled with monsters, magic, kings and peasants, forest robbers and nobles, and even a little music. To properly delve our heroes into a believable video game atmosphere, we've had to basically create the game for real, designing enemies, locations, and puzzles for them to solve. Once upon a time I wanted to be a video game character designer, so I'm tickled silly to make this.

However, due to the world of SDBWF3000 being so vast, we have a lot to say about it. So, I'm happy to say this will be our longest issue yet! We have come up with so many good jokes and fun worlds that we couldn't bring ourselves to trimming any of the fat off. This will be a heavy, unhealthy, but super flavorful and juicy issue! Be sure to take a peek at our Instagram or Facebook if you're curious to see some behind-the-scenes concepts.
Lastly, if you haven't had a chance to snag a physical issue yet, fear not! We will be slinging comics this Saturday, November 4th at the Indie Flea Market, located at Wealthy Theatre in Grand Rapids, MI! We will have all three issues and the Sampop Hooks graphic novel available. Plus free stickers as always. This event is put on by the Vendor Exchange, helping to support the community of local artists and creatives in our city. If you can't make it out, drop by our online store for physical and digital copies for sale!

- Gavin

Posted: 10/04/17 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

It was roughly about two years ago Sam and I decided to take this whole comic-making thing a little more seriously. At that point we had drawn most of what would become our graphic novel Sampop Hooks, etched with a few dying office pens in a sketchbook with torn pages. We had no idea what we were doing outside of our own personal instincts and influences. Since the both of us were not previously inspired as much by comics but rather by film and animation, we felt we didn't need to follow the guidelines completely and instead relied on what we thought made good storytelling. We had improvised most of the story, coming up with the dialogue and scenes as they developed across the pages. We found solace in creating this fluid impromptu comic, born in the moment while our lives were busily whirling around us. When it finally came to an end, we weren't ready to give that feeling up.

We had already fallen in love with the characters and the world of Sampop Hooks, but we knew it was more than just about him. We agreed upon pursing another installment about the titular character, but through a series of stories chronicling his and Gavsby's adventures together. Sampop Hooks helped us realize who these characters were even as we were writing it, and the product of that process is shown in the series Sampop & Gavsby. That's why we're so tickled to announce this news.

After putting out three issues within the last year and a half and a fourth issue on the way (anticipated for December... makes a great stocking stuffer, wink wink), we have been long overdue for the episodes to make their way to digital platform. Now that we have accomplished this feat, you can have sweet Sampop & Gavsby goodness right to your computer! But it gets better...


You can download a free digital copy of Issue #1 "The Chips Hit the Fan" right here off our website! We just want everyone to be able to enjoy it. And if you like what you read, Issues #2 "The Temple of Tang" and #3 "Assault on Pelican Grove" are up for digital purchase in our online store for $4 each! We have lots of other big news on the way, but this has seriously been getting us riled for weeks now. It's a big deal in our hearts because we feel we've come a long way in the last few years, and we can forsee many prosperous years on the horizon.

- Gavin

WARNING: Contains Badassery
Posted: 04/28/17

It's been a while, world. A new year has begun and been going well, the weather is just beginning to bloom into a beautiful, warm season, and we are nearing the time our third issue finally graces the shelves. The third installment of Sampop & Gavsby "Assault on Pelican Grove" will be available in two weeks. This one took a bit of time for a number of reasons, but what it mostly came down to was we had to make sure it was perfect for you. Can't rush it, right? Well, we think the pay-off is there and we're excited to bring you this fresh S&G story! And we're already hacking away at issue 4, so we hope to see that one's arrival this summer.

In the mean time, check out our Facebook and Instagram for some groovy updates on what's to come. Here's a little hint: all issues will be available digitally. Okay, so it's not so much a hint as it is just telling you, but you'll find out the details soon!

The Reviews Are In!
Posted: 11/7/16

Well, at least one is! Check out this awesome review of Issue One "The Chips Hit the Fan" written so eloquently by Hannah Hall on her website "Hold Up Let's Talk!". Click the link below to check out the review.

More exciting news awaits later this week, so check back soon!

Haven't You Heard?
Posted: 11/6/16

Whoops! Bad news, gang. We don't have nearly enough Twitter followers this month, and this time the payment is Gavsby. Eh, what can you do?

But to be more prepared for next time, you can help us out by following us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! You'll find us through the @SampopAndGavsby handle. Follow us there for more frequent behind-the-scenes tidbits and juicy 411 you won't be able to wait to run home and tell mama about.

Grand Rapids Comic Con
Posted: 10/20/16

It's been a busy week for us with the second issue finally making its debut as well as Grand Rapids Comic Con this weekend. We will have a booth selling our comics, shirts, and other surprise goodies, so be sure to stop by! There will be special freebies as well.

  • Issue 1 "The Chips Hit the Fan" ($10)
  • Issue 2 "The Temple of Tang" ($12)
  • Graphic Novel "Sampop Hooks" ($12)
  • Issues 1 & 2 Combo ($20)
  • Issues 1 & 2 + "Sampop Hooks" ($30)
  • Tee Shirt ($15)
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Issue Two "The Temple of Tang" Hits The Shelves!
Posted: 10/19/16

Just in time for Grand Rapids Comic Con this weekend, our second installment of the Sampop & Gavsby series is officially available! Copies are currently available in our online store or in person. Find our booth at Comic Con this weekend to snag the issues, shirts, and other new merch.

Issue 1: $10
Issue 2: $12
Sampop Hooks: $12
Shirts: $15
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Posted: 10/11/16

To start off our fresh new online store, we're selling these hot Sampop & Gavsby t-shirts! Snag one while they're around. Available through the link below!

Shirts: $15 each
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Grand Rapids Comic-Con!
Posted: 8/30/16

We're very thrilled to have a booth at this year's Grand Rapids Comic-Con! Swing by our table to find copies of Sampop Hooks, some cool merch, and of course some fresh copies of Sampop & Gavsby. Dates are October 21st-23rd. Tickets can be purchased for the event via the official Grand Rapids Comic-Con website (a link is supplied below).
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Issue One "The Chips Hit The Fan" NOW AVAILABLE!
Posted: 8/28/16

The wait is over! The first issue of Sampop & Gavsby is now available for purchase for $10. Two character trading card stickers come with every issue!
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